A quick overview of audio and video systems for the car


If you want a better audio quality system for your vehicle, car accessories shop in Singapore offers a wide selection of high-quality speakers, speakers, subwoofers and car amplifiers. Replace your original system and mix components from Kicker, Alpine, Pioneer, Kenwood, JBL, Sony, JVC, and others to enhance your experience.

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The turntables are the center of audio systems for the car. With DIN single or dual, most models come with great features allowing you to listen to music from your CDs, iPod, iPhone, USB stick or media player. If you’re on the move, go for a turntable with Bluetooth connectivity, DVD playback and GPS navigation for a better experience while on the road.

Car speaker

The car speakers are designed to bring out all the sound ranges of your system in a clear and precise way. Replacing the original speakers of your car will allow you to get the most out of your deck and fill your music car with their highest permissible power.

The subwoofers for the car enhance your experience by bringing out all low frequencies without distortion. And no matter how big your vehicle is, you can find a small, slim 10 “or 12” subwoofer that fits perfectly.

Amplifiers for the car provide better audio quality and more power to your speakers. Your deck may not provide all the power you need to get the most out of your system. Adding an amplifier can, therefore, improve your overall experience. Also, you can opt for a mono amplifier that will power only your subwoofer or a multi-channel amplifier to power your entire system.

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Replacing the original speakers in your vehicle will allow you to get the most out of your car audio system and will fill your music car with their highest allowable power. Replacing the speakers in your vehicle allows you to hear high, mid and low frequencies that you did not hear before.

No matter the brand of your car audio system, you will have the freedom to arrange your speakers to create the perfect combination for your vehicle. All brands of car speakers are solid design and in some cases feature exclusive technologies and materials that provide the best possible sound.

Car Speakers – guarantee that any your trip will be pleasant. Quality acoustics will delight your favorite music and help pass the time on the road. This technique is indispensable, if you spend a lot of time in the car, often go out of town for a business trip or engaged in transportation.

The basic vehicle equipment includes broadband universal type speakers which reproduce fine midrange sounds. A more advanced version of this coaxial speakers. This system combines several speakers to reproduce high, mid and low frequencies. They are mounted in the door or specially prepared runways. These models are very compact and easy to install.

Component speakers a real gift for the music lovers. Each speaker is solely responsible for its frequency range. It is important to consider the physical ability to install the speakers in the car. Car 16 cm column suitable for niches with a larger diameter. In the absence of sufficient space and a small depth of planting suitable road column 10 cm or 13 cm.