A short history of beer


banner_six_1In this technology age, I am sure that you are comfortable with your gadget. For example, you were in Singapore, it would be very easy for you to search for beer delivery Singapore on your mobile device and get beer delivered to you.

Beer is a drink enjoyed by almost everyone everywhere but most people are not aware of its unique history. So in this article, we would love to take you down the memory lane.

We would talk about beer, its manufacturing process and what bee is today. So, please hang on while we embark on this journey through time as we show you where beer came from and where beer is now.

How beer began.

Beer has been brewed in Egypt as far back as 5000 bc. The processes were recorded on papyrus scrolls and tr ingredients used for processing are really not up to the present standards today.

By the time beer made its way to Europe, it took off and started spreading wildly. This is due to the abundance of barley which was a better replacement for the ingredients previously used and also because beer was a safe alternative to water.

In the Era of the middle ages, the use of malted barley became very popular. What we know as modern-day brewing started during the middle ages but the addition of hops came later around the 12th century.

Beer found its way to the new world through the European colonists. With the introduction of beer to America, beer has successfully made its way around the world as a drink to be enjoyed by all.

How beer is brewed.

There hasn’t been much development in the area of brewing outside the introduction of machines that make the process simpler and automated. The general idea of brewing has remained vaguely the same.

Brewing beer involves soaking grain (barley, wheat etc) in water and then using yeast to ferment the sweet substance that is produced due to the soaking. The resulting fermentation is what is known as beer.

The processes involved in the brewing of beer are malting, mashing and lautering, boiling, fermenting, conditioning and then filtering and packaging.

Today, the brewing industry is really big business as it churns out over 133 billion litres of beer annually. Beer has become a drink loved and consumed by almost all and sundry.

Beer today.

Today beer is an important part of everyday life. Gallons of beer are consumed daily in clubs, bars, pubs, parties and other places so numerous to mention.

Beer is the third most popular drink in the world. That shows just how much it is appreciated and has been accepted as apart of popular culture.

It would be hard to predict the future trajectory of the growth of beer but one thing is sure if things continue as they are, there is no place to go but up