About Essex Court Chambers Duxton

Education & Learning

Singapore is a developed city-state in the continent of Asia. A city-state is basically a sovereign state, that is, an independent country, with Singapore city being the head. In the last few decades, Singapore has beautifully transitioned into a progressive country in a short span of time. This is one of the main reasons why this country is popular around the globe. Many aspects of the country are remarkable, especially the legal system that is present here. Almost all types of law systems are absolutely wonderful with each type working like a well oiled machine. Whether it is criminal law, civil or corporate law, all of them have professionally trained lawyers working these cases.

All about Essex Court Chambers Duxton

With the city-state being filled with brilliant firms handling small to big cases with utmost care, one such entity stands out amongst the rest. The entity in question is the Essex Court Chambers Duxton. The Essex Court Chambers are a Singaporean group practice working from the city itself and the surrounding regions as well. They have a wide range of expertise on matters involving commercial law, civil law, arbitration, financial and corporate law, etc. The cases they handle also include matters relating to banking, fraud in civil, corporate or financial background, etc. In some few cases, the lawyers are well trained in handling complicated criminal law cases as well.

One thing to be noted is that the Essex Court Chambers are not exactly a law firm, rather it is a group practice. This means that the members of the entity are not any kind of partners or employees of the company. Each lawyer who is a part of the Essex Court vk-rajah-scChambers Former Attorney-General VK Rajah joins Essex Court Chambers Duxton is an individual entity who is a self-employed worker.

How do the lawyers function?

The clients which the group works with includes organisations and individuals from the city itself and also from other international brands and companies. The lawyers act by following the rules laid by the Supreme Court and other lower courts. These lawyers provide professional aid to the clients and carry out their duties according to their choices. They always put the needs of the clients first and try to bring out the best result from any given case. These lawyers also dabble in negotiating various deals and settling any sort of disputes between two organisations or institutions. The company does not hire any sort of intern, trainees and only comprise professional lawyers with years of experience and a brilliant track record.

Speaking about their areas of expertise in details, these lawyers solve cases involving insurance, International trade, disputes regarding investments ad commercial chancery, regulatory law, and even court cases involving media and entertainment personalities or organisations.

Final word

Thus, we clearly notice why the Essex Court Chambers Duxton is gaining popularity in the legal field both domestically and internationally. With such a wide range of fields to offer legal advice and aid on, this company is becoming the one of the biggest in the city-state of Singapore and will eventually become a global leader in the legal world.