All you need to know about nursing courses in Singapore

Education & Learning

With the increase in population, there is also a rise in chronic diseases due to which the need for nurses in Singapore has amplified than before.

There has been a boost in the demand for a nursing degree so if you have an interest in the field of Science and want to pursue your career in this field then you can apply for a nursing courses in Singapore. 

Below-stated are few nursing courses available in Singapore that you can opt for.


In this course, the students are trained for becoming enrolled nurses along with a supervised clinical attachment for 9 months.

It is a course of 2 years and you will be taught about nursing studies & skills, patient care as well as behavioral science.

The elective modules of this course also contain chronic disease management and mental health in nursing.


It is a 36 months long nursing course in which you will be taught about 41 modules covering different areas like Behavioral Science and Pharmacology.

The final year students of Diploma also need to complete a nursing project. After completing this course you can pursue nursing at an advanced level or also become Nurse Researchers or clinician.


Bachelor in Science

If you want to study a nurse course from Singapore then you can apply to the National University of Singapore where you will get the opportunity to learn and study along with healthcare undergraduates of different fields like dentistry & medicine which will help in nurturing your teamwork skills.

The complete duration of this course is 3 years, while in the course you will be taught about how to care for patients of different demographics and requirements.

In case, you want to Honours year then you should have a cGPA of 3.2.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing with Honours

The duration of this course is 24 months, while the curriculum of this course contains different modules like “teaching, learning and assessing nurses”, “palliative and end of life care foundations” as well as “management and clinical governance in healthcare”.

Bachelor of Nursing

In Singapore, you can find a number of universities who provide this course under the guidance of health faculty who have great experience in teaching and research areas.

It is a part-time course with a duration of 24 months. In this, you will study the module on contemporary nursing which talks about healthcare today in Singapore & the world.

Though nursing is a tough profession but at the same time, it is quite gratifying. Therefore, the above stated are some nursing courses in Singapore that you can go for.