Amenities do matter – Be it the existing or the upcoming ones! 


It’s a common concern to live in an area that has proximity to several amenities. Well, it’s quite genuine and should be considered as well. No one wants his child to travel much distance in the morning and afternoon to go and come back home respectively. Neither one wants to travel much with any medical condition, just to see a doctor.

Moreover, if you have booked some personal space and going out with your family and friends, you will never like to waste your all enthusiasm and excitement on the way itself. A lengthy traveling time can of course alleviate the freshness of mind, that was super ready to enjoy.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Considering the accessibility, conveniences, and manifestation of the property that you are going to buy.
  2. There should be a lot of options for public transportation. Great connectivity of roads isn’t enough. Residents, who do not own private vehicles, need to be dependent on MRT stations and bus stops to move. Highly developed MRT stations and bus stops are some of the best facets of Amber Sea amenitieswhich are being developed in District 15, Singapore.
  3. Acreage can trump the quality of a dwelling since the land tends to improve in value.

It’s not only the current amenities that matter. But the upcoming projects should also be considered while looking for a property. Once you reside in a condo where you know, you will be surrounded by several amenities, at least you can expect your estate to indicate you some appreciation in the upcoming years. Plans for new hospitals, schools, high-end infrastructure, and public transportation can dramatically upgrade the value of your property.

It is advised to find out if there’s any new commercial, public or residential development are to be planned. And analyze that these additions will affect the desirability of encircling areas.

Warning- A proximity of a property to a hospital, fire station, and community center sometimes lower down its value because of noise and traffic.

Are you looking for a residential unit for you and your family that has all facilities just near your residence? Do You also want proximity to your office, nearness to your children‘s school, and a recreational Park for the elder ones in your home? Then just have a look at Amber Sea amenities! 

Some of the most popular amenities that Amber Sea surrounds are-

  1. Nearby eateries
  • There’s the Food Republic at Parkway parade at just a distance of 1.2 km.
  • Old Airport Road food centre and shopping mall are at a distance of 3.2 km.
  1. Nearby supermarkets
  • At just 500 meters, there is Fair price Finest Katong village hotel
  • At 1.2 km, there is a cold storage parkway parade.
  • At 9 minutes of distance, there is located NTUC supermarket.
  1. Work clusters
  • At just 6 minutes of distance, Suntec City is sited.
  • One North Fusion polis and the Biopoli Science Park is just 18 minutes drive away from the Amber Sea.

While living in such a condo, that offers you a lot of work clusters near you, is immensely peaceful. If you are looking for another type of condo with great amenities, you can check out The Commodore. This condo is launched in 2021 as well.