Ant Exterminators for your Business

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The need to eliminate ants is most often needed by agricultural businesses, farms and food enterprises. Breeding ants in open areas and indoors requires different approaches. Call pest control management specialists and they will select the most suitable ant extermination methods for you:

  • They guarantee the result;
  • High effect after 1 procedure;
  • Labour safety inspectors.

Why should you fight ants immediately?

If you are a farmer, then ants:

  • will breed aphids on your site and destroy fruit trees and shrubs;
  • spoil the neat appearance of agricultural land;
  • will cause diseases of your plantings;
  • will initiate the settlement of a number of other parasites.

If the ants have settled in a food production plant, then:

  • there is a risk of contamination of products and raw materials with infectious diseases;
  • business will inevitably have problems with labour safety inspectors and employees;
  • this will inevitably lead to damage to property, raw materials and the finished product.

If ants appear in the office, expect:

  • damage to property;
  • an increase in the incidence of infectious diseases among employees;
  • decrease in the efficiency of personnel;
  • Imminent damage to the reputation of your organization.

9 reasons to call Pest Control Experts:

  • They have reasonable prices that even a small business can afford.
  • They use eco-friendly preparations that do not harm plants, the health of people and pets.
  • They accept applications around the clock and without interruption.
  • They leave for the object even at night and at a convenient time – there are no restrictions for us.
  • In 97% of cases, only 1 procedure is required to completely remove the ants.
  • Based on the results of the work, they fill out the acts.
  • They work officially, guarantees are spelled out in the contract.
  • They take great care of the client’s reputation, we keep the client base secret.
  • Emergency assistance in force majeure situations, urgent travel to any point in the Singapore region.

How to prepare for the arrival of the Singapore Pest Control Professionals?

There is no need to prepare especially for their arrival, their credo is the destruction of ants and other parasites without hassle. The disinfection result will be better if you:

  • do a preliminary cleaning in the office;
  • provide free access to anthills;
  • hide dishes, food products and personal hygiene products used in the enterprise;
  • Remove the animals from the cultivated area (in case, if the cultivation is needed on the agricultural area).

How is ant pest control at the enterprise?

  • Pest control management team pre-inspects the premises and analyses the situation, selecting effective insecticides for which local insects have not developed immunity.
  • They conclude a contract for a one-time or permanent service (the second option is more profitable for the client, as it provides additional savings and benefits).
  • They process rooms and areas infected with parasites in the chosen way.
  • They summarize the work, analyse and report to the client.
  • They give guarantees and in case of a particular neglect of the situation, discuss the date of the next visit.

Benefits for your Business:

  • Your plantings will bring a magnificent harvest.
  • You will forget about spoilage of raw materials and finished products.
  • The profit of the business will increase.
  • The staff will less often go to sick leave, and the efficiency will increase.

This is exactly what the timely destruction of ants and other parasites will lead to. Book a reputed pest control, disinfection and sanitation services and you are guaranteed to forget about uninvited insects!