Basic Guide to High pressure motor repairs and services

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Through the next steps of this guide we want to help you better understand how you can repair the failure of the electric starter water we have at home. In fact, it can happen to turn the switch on the electric pump that we use in most home or garden, and that none of it to boot; or it can also happen that the pump emits a strange noise. First, the first thing we need to do if such a thing were to happen, is to turn off the power immediately, so as to prevent the motor can overheat and even burn winding inside. At this point we must make sure whether the blame can be attributed to faulty capacitor or mechanical axis, which is totally blocked. Anyway, let’s now see how to proceed to get high pressure motor repair.

First of all we must always remember that when we carry out the work on the electrical machines is necessary, first of all, disconnect the power from your circuit breaker or the main switch, so as not to run into dangerous problems. Then dismantle the rear cover to the electric motor, trying to loosen the screws that secure it, or doing more leverage with the screwdriver, if this is just cashed. Let us then if the axis of the electric motor rotates freely, trying to operate with the help of hands. In the event that this were blocked, we have to go to pull the plastic axis motor fan, trying to loosen the screw or prying with the screwdriver if it’s just built.

At this point, with the help of pipe wrench, we must go to rotate the axis back and forth, until this will unlock by rust that will be created, and can then rotate quite freely. In this case, the engine will probably was blocked after a period of disuse, precisely forming of rust which tended to lock the axle. Next, we enter ‘electrical switch and let the engine run for at least a minute. Soon after we can reassemble everything proceeding in reverse order.

In case, however, we find that the motor shaft is free to rotate, but this does not want to leave too, perhaps by emitting a small noise and heating up, it means that it has discontinued its capacitor and must be replaced. This component, in an induction motor, it is useful to provide a higher voltage to the motor and then to overcome the motor starting effort. In this regard, on Knowing guides we can find all the useful and necessary to proceed with the replacement of the condenser pump.

If anything like this does not works for you or in case you do not have expertise of handling tools, we suggest you consulting reputed high pressure motor repair services in your area. You can also book repairs online these days. It brings the comfort as well as ensured repairs. You will not feel any sort of issues later on.