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Crystals with their healing effects 

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There has been a new uptick in the population turning to what’s called alternative and complementary medicine. This encompasses everything from yoga and acupuncture to tail chai and even healing crystals.

You might have seen people keeping beautiful stones and accessories like crystal bracelet engraved with these stones at their home and showing them off to you. But you may not know what all they could offer you. There are so many types of crystals that people believe to have healing properties. They are opined to promote good energy and eliminate every kind of negative energy from the surroundings.

If taken from a historical context, crystals are touted as medicines of ancient times, through the philosophies borrowed from Buddhism and Hinduism. Its okay if you don’t trust in a religious context, you can anyway get so relaxing era at your home with its beauty and charm.

  • Different types of crystals with their healing effect- 
  1. Clear Quartz

This is a white-colored crystal, considered a master in healing function. It is said to amplify energy by consuming, stocking, broadcasting, and regulating. It is also known to aid memory and concentration. Physically, these clear crystals are considered to stimulate the immune system and balance the whole body.

  1. Rose quartz

As you may have understood with its color also, the pink color of it signifies love. It is considered very effective in restoring trust and harmony in every kind of relationship. It is also said to provide calm and comfort in times of grief.

  1. Jasper

This stone is known as the supreme nurturer.

It is said to empower the support and the spirit at times of stress. It also helps to protect you from absorbing negative vibes and promotes courage and quick thinking.

  1. Obsidian

It is an intensively protective stone. It is said to help form a shield against emotional and physical negativity. People also consider it to get help in decreasing emotional blockage and promote qualities of clarity, strength, and compassion to assist find your true sense. For your body, it may help in digestion and detoxification and help you to reduce pain and cramps.

  1. Amethyst

This is an intense protective purple stone. It can heal and purify. It has been claimed that it can help rid the brain of negative thoughts and bring forth humility spiritual wisdom and sincerity. Consider buying an amethyst cave, if you have insomnia!

How to choose your crystal? 

Whenever you go to a crystal shop, you will be encountered with a vast range of colorful gems. It’s obvious to get confused and sink into the beauty of those charming stones. Like, if you will visit Crystal for Sale, you will not only get natural crystal Singapore but also the most attractive thing-to-be in your house. If a gem is attracting you or you have got your eyes stuck on a particular stone, it is a positive sign for you that you should opt for that.

An open mind is a gateway to obtain positive qualities that these stones can surely offer. Whether it’s a specific healing power or good energy, there’s nothing wrong with giving crystals a try.