Do some superfluous and unusual checks! 


Everyone checks for the basic things like location, looks, and facilities of a condo while purchasing one. But here are a few unusual facts that you may consider to prevent yourself from regretting your purchase!


Contemplate the pros and cons of each unit position

Judgments are usually given rise to on a list full of pros and cons, and that broadens to the category of condo unit you’re acquiring. For example, residing on the top floor is a total dream, but receiving those clear views of the sea and encircling regions will usually come with a heftier price.


On the issue of price, also point out that units near refuse stations are much more inexpensive than others. That’s tremendous if you can survive with the likely smell, but those reasonable prices may not be sufficient to persuade communities with more sensitive noses.


If you think you’d be regularly using conveniences like swimming pools, tennis courts, gyms, consider grabbing a unit nearer to them. Remember, some condo properties like Thiam Siew Condo have big grounds, so walk around the region to make sure you won’t have to take 5-minute walks back to your residence when you skip your goggles at the pool.


Survey if the show flat extents are identical to yours

It’s simple to fall in love with a show flat, but don’t be that quick to sign the agreements. Developers are inclined to put in a lot of effort to make that special unit glance nice – think huge mirrors, plush furnishings, and lovely decor.


To lower your likelihood of dissatisfaction, it spends to takes the aspects you see with a touch of salt. Show flats on the ground floor tend to retain taller roofs and huger hallways, so inquire beforehand if the extents fit the ones for your fantasy condo.

If feasible, get your hands on the floor plan as this provides you a nicer overview of your residence without the niceties to distract you.

Glimpse if the size of the condo is adequate for plans

Condos these days are commonly compacter with their ancienter counterparts, so do assure that the one you’ve bought your sight on is adequate for you. Single individuals will do fine in smaller units like lofts and studio condos, but if you’re scheduling on commencing a family, it’s decent to search for a huger space. Also, take a stare at all the condo fittings. Vastly units are usually matched with in-built appliances like kitchen hoods, fridges, and stoves – so to recoup yourself from expending additional, deem getting a condo like Thiam Siew Condo that already appears with appliances you see yourself utilizing.


With top-class luxuries all over the grounds, expending your downtime here is nearly really in the books. Lawns, BBQ pits, a swimming pool, and spa… the list moves on, which tells you’ll be able to discover something to do whether for some much-needed time or with household and pals.


Thiam Siew Residences are slated to be completed by 2027for now, to provide you with all the luxuries and a touch of elegant life.


Set aside an extra allowance for taxes and stamp duty

So you’ve saved up sufficient cash to buy your condo. You heartily move in and revel in the curiosity of occupying your elegant new crib only to be loaded with extra expenses you never saw arriving.