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When it comes to the accounting solutions, then it becomes a big question that why and whom to choose. Undoubtedly, no individual wants to risk their business by opting the thing that can be harmful to them. Thus, below are all the FAQs on PSG that will give answers to all your queries and thus help you see the clear bright future.

1. Can I get in a link with any vendor in the market for PSG application?

Well, No. The better and the safe idea is to apply only with the IMDA pre-approved vendors. Where Timcole is known as one of the best in its field.

2. Can you deliver us the customized package connecting it up with other bundled items?

We understand that every company craves for the different needs and requirements. However, the fact can’t be denied that PSG supports only pre-approved packages. We have a list of packages and I am sure if you go through them, you will definitely find the best that may promise to suit your requirements.

3. What would be the certain eligibility criteria for the productivity solution grant?

To be successfully eligible to apply. A person is required to follow a below criteria-

  • Must have a right to 30% or more local shareholding
  • Must have a registered and running business in Singapore
  • Group annual sales turnover should be less than the S$100 million.
  • Group employment size of the company should lead within the 200 workers.

4. What are the essential documents that are required for the PSG application?

The applications are submitted through the business grants portal. To apply, the following documents would be mandatory.

  • A quotation that may be either signed or unsigned from the PSG pre-approved digital solution provider.
  • The list of following details- the company’s unique entity number, CorpPassID, and the passwords to login to the business grants portal.
  • The company’s complete and updated financial statements.
  • Key financial indicators would be required for example the revenue, overseas sales and the net profits before tax.

5. Is it possible to buy digital solution before applying for PSG?

No. I am sorry to tell you but the subscription, setup and the other software services can only be entertained by you when you successfully submit up your PSG application. However, if you wish you can have a look at the software while waiting for the approvals.

6. When it would be the right time to apply for the PSG claim?

Well, after you receive and accept the grant offer, you have a time of 6 to 12cmonths to implement your project to deliver the best outcomes. However, you can submit your claim after you send the complete payment to the software provider and also have successfully submitted the project.

Thus, what are you waiting for? Get all your answers and apply for it. If you are still facing some doubts on how to apply PSG for Xero software, then connect with us now because our experts are willing to guide you with nothing less than the best.