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Singapore is officially known as the Republic of Singapore and, also sometimes as Lion City, the little red dot or the garden city. It is a sovereign city – state in the south East Asia. It’s located at one degree north of the equator at the southern tip of the peninsular Malaysia. The territory of Singapore consists of one Primary Island along with 62 islets. From the time of independence, reclamation of extensive land has increased its total size by 130 sq. km. the greening policy of the place has also covered the densely populated island with parks, gardens and tropical flora.

The Major services which are usually provided in the chemical product industry in Singapore include Analytical and chemical logistics support services, TCM, i.e. Total chemical management. There are also services which include refining and recycling services by the installation of the on-site chemical supply and the reclaiming systems at the customer production facilities.

The on-site TCM is for ensuring uninterrupted supply of the chemicals and the point of use guarantee which includes chemical distribution systems, on- site chemical dispatching, troubleshooting and maintenance, real time statistical process control and point use of the sampling. The industry also takes care of the chemical items in different UN – approved packaging from the small packs of 5l to carboys of 20l.

The main aim of the entire chemical product supplier Singapore is to provide good quality products which are enhanced by friendly, efficient and unparalleled service to the customers.

Fenner Singapore

Fenner Singapore has bought 100% of the share capital of the ‘Multiseals’. It is a privately owned company based out of Singapore. The company distributes and manufactures seals to the gas and oil industry in the Asia- pacific area. This critical procurement will let Fenner in exploiting the growing Asian aftermarket for the gas and oil products. Total acquisition consideration is around 11.8 million dollars. It was carried out by the company and the purchase will be fractionally funded by the new share issue.
The gas and oil market in the Asia Pacific has a history of strong completion and drilling activity for supporting the escalating regional demands of energy. The business, according to Fenner, is estimated to grow at 11% p.a.

A lot of Fenner customers have service and manufacturing facilities in Singapore, so the deal lets these customers in buying the tailor- made manufactured products locally. Multiseals will give quick and instant recognition in the area along with a platform for growth.

As a part of this growth strategy, Multiseals will expand the offerings for including the complete range of the oilfield products given by the CDI Seals in Houston. Multiseals and CDI seals have been partners before in giving engineered designs, solutions and materials for meeting the customer- specific needs.

The partnership brings together the high performance machining capabilities and custom molding of both the operations. Multiseals is also going to make and support the latest launched Tuff Breed range of the oilfield expendables which includes specifically designer, wee service packing products for hydraulic fracturing as well as pressure pumping operations n gas and oil developments.