Here’s How to Leverage Hair Replacement Singapore Systems

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If you are a football enthusiast, which most likely you are, you definitely have an idea who Wayne Rooney is. Well, two years back, the Manchester United football genius created a sensation around the globe, from Singapore to Latin America, with the announcement that he was going for a hair transplant to treat early baldness.

The Worrying Hair Loss Statistics in Singapore

And with that, hair replacement for men in Singapore and the rest of the world started receiving hitherto unseen popularity. The Dermatological Society of Singapore (DSS) reports that the rate of baldness in the country is almost 40% in males over 40 years with prevalence increasing to 65% at 60 years, 70% at 80 years and 80% at 85 years.

With such worrying numbers, you might feel like you are destined for an uncomfortable hairless lifestyle. Luckily, innovations in the hair replacement system have made it possible today for you to enjoy the amazing holistic beauty you get from your flowing hair. Not only do you enjoy more self confidence when you use hair replacement technology, studies have found that your outlook to life will be more positive.

Overview of Hair Loss Solutions in Singapore

When most people hear about hair replacement solutions, they cringe, and for many good reasons. For a long time, solutions to hair loss have been limited to tacky, smelly and disgusting wigs and weaves.

However, modern technology has enabled the application of 100% real hair in replacement systems in Singapore. The image results which you see on online platforms might seem too good to be true, but you just have to look at the final-effect to discover how far hair replacement solutions have come.

The most outstanding aspect of hair loss treatment in the country is that this technology is non-surgical.  This in effect reduces risks involved while also ensuring there is no scarring on your scalp, which can be unsightly. The system involves making a customized hair piece that is a perfect match to the rest of your hair.

The perfect hair piece is made from 100% real hair under the highest sterilized environment to ensure your safety. Anti-aging products are also used in the manufacturing process to guarantee a lasting solution, and de-acidification is also carried out at this point to avoid irritation or allergic reaction to the hair piece.

Advanced bio-metric membranes and silk basement materials form the core of this customized hair replacement system. Attachment is done either with glue, tape or clips. This innovation ensures you get a more reliable, durable and realistic hair outlook approximate to your natural look.


To appreciate the impact of hair loss solutions in Singapore, take a look at some of the comprehensive services covered by these professionals:

  1. Customized hair loss products: One problem with traditional hair loss solutions, such as weaves, was lack of compatibility with your natural look. Contemporary Singapore hair loss techniques avert this problem by modeling a hair piece based on your hair color, scalp shape and size.
  2. Hair extensions: If you want to get better flowing hair or eyelashes, hair loss professionals have the expertise and equipment to provide the best service.
  3. Professional scalp care: If there is one body part that is frustrating to look after, it has to be your scalp. Luckily, experts in hair replacement for men and women have services such as device intensive root cleansing, shampoo treatment, hair steaming and massage, among myriad other services, to ensure you enjoy showing your beautiful hair.

Get Back Your Groove On

There is no denying that loss of hair is not only emotionally draining, it also affects your self esteem. Fortunately, hair replacement system in Singapore now offer you instantaneous results, painless hair loss solutions, affordable hair loss management and, of course, invaluable tips on caring for your beautiful hair.

Now you can step out confidently and whip you hair like Jennifer Lawrence of Hunger Games fame or Ann Kok. Think you can’t have a hairline like that of Dennis Chew? Think again.