How to Convert Chinese Clothing Sizes to American Ones?

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Wholesale clothing from China is one safe choice for small businesses. But the size system of Chinese clothing is quite different from that of Europe and America. To make sure no misunderstanding, foreign wholesalers should be clear about the size distinction especially when great amount of china wholesale businesses take place on internet without visual check. Followings are the distinction between Chinese and American sizing measurement label in the aspect of women, men and children clothing.

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With regarding to women’s clothing, the difference of size systems varies in the type of clothing.

Chinese Sizes of top wears like shirts, blouses are usually expressed concerned with height, for instance, 160-165,165-170,175-180, correspondingly in American sizing systems, they are labeled as 2, 4, 6, 8. You can directly convert Chinese size 160-150 to the U.S. size 2, or choose a middle point sizing standard, XS, the international size. Other wear, for instance pants, Chinese size standard is usually depending on height, the same as tops and waist line, 1’9”, but the U.S. pants size combines the waist line and pant length.


In the clothing history, sizes for women were not existed until the 20th century and the size measurement was designed for men at the very beginning. As with women’s clothing, Men’s size conversions from Chinese to American sizing for clothing similar to dress shirts starts from size 36 to 45, which corresponds to American size 14 to 18.5, respectively and sizes keep on half inch increments. The pant size system variation is similar to women’s pants.


In Chinese size standard, children’s clothing measurement is based on the age of the children, say, 6M-12M, 18M-24m. For the U.S. sizing system, younger baby size rans from size 1 to 6 and elder children starts from 6 to12.


For ready-to-wear clothing in stock, find the size converted from the regular size and then pay certain attention to the detailed measurement including neck size, sleeve length, chest width, waist and inseam. For customer-made clothing, the best way to avoid size label confusion for you provide take a series of detailed measurements for Chinese sellers to customize clothing with your own precise measurement, which requires the conversion between two measurement units.


For clothing sizes, in the size convert table, China clothing size 160-165 is corresponding to the U.S. size, but clothing of 160-165 made in China may be of shorter sleeve and pant length than one made in the U.S. of size 2. Many China wholesale websites of clothing offer size charts and can make the conversion for customers on internet. Make sure detailed measurement before placing an order. However, do not have the stereotype that standard Asian people are of comparatively petite body shapes so plus-size clothing is rarely manufactured. On the contrary, you can find wide ranges of enlarged size clothing and shoes with design to you and your potential customers’ appetite. Chinese size system contains multi standard and is quite confusing. Getting clear about the size conversion is the first step to start up make china wholesale clothing business.