How to create persuasive landing pages

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To have a successful and winning online marketing, an effective landing page serves as cornerstone. A landing page is defined as the page that a user arrives on after clicking an ad (for instance, a display ad or Google text ad), email or text link. Precise landing pages modified toward different offers are vital; so as to provide a quality experience for users along with a targeted message that matches every requirement of visitors. With the help of following points, one can create a good and charming landing page.

  1. A landing page should provide the crucial and relevant information that will make curiosity to the users. Additionally, offer high-quality content that inspires confidence.
  2. It is important for a landing page to have a clean and crisp design that answers all the questions of the visitors without inspiring any new ones. All required information should be clearly provided, navigation should be understandable, and nothing should come between the visitor and the conversion.
  3. On the landing page, eye catchy headlines should be mentioned. The majority of good quality landing pages uses the main headline to confirm the offer and a sub heading for further clarification.
  4. The mind-twisting words should be tried on the landing page. For example, using the word “imagine” promotes readers to visualize using your product and increases curiosity, the word “you” makes your copy feel personal to visitors and the word “because” explains to visitors why they should take a specific action.
  5. The landing page should be created as such to grab the attention of visitors. Avoid talking too much about yourself, as the visitor may not feel bored. As well as, where appropriate make use of video.
  6. The easiest way to get conversions is to simply have an incredible offer. Make certain that your offer is tempting enough fora users and that it is something they actually wish for.
  7. A landing page must be easily scannable and this can be done by highlighting your main points in the headline, and using subheadings for additional information. Apply fonts and colors to indicate information hierarchy.
  8. The landing page should contain high-quality images. Bright, eye-catching images create attractive page and a enhance user experience.
  9. Only ask for the information that is utmost necessary. If you ask your visitors to fill too many forms, the possibility is that they would abandon it out of frustration. You can ask for more information on the thank you page once the action is done.
  10. The landing page should have clickable share buttons. Adding share buttons increase your chances of getting your content shared across the social media platforms. Moreover, it’s worth sharing social buttons to the thank you page, as users will be more likely to share your great offer with others.
  11. According to Novage web design company in Singapore, a full-service Internet marketing and web design firm. Mobile-friendly websites should be created as it doubles your conversions. Furthermore, summarizes it with a thank you page. The thank-you page is a great way to direct visitors to other related material on your website that they may be interested in.
  12. An excellent landing page should load easily and this can be done by reducing the size of image files. Use a speedy web host and cache tools to improve its overall performance.
  13. In the end, the landing page should be tested for its effectiveness and success. Testing and correction are the main characteristics to make something better and superior.

Hope,  these tips will help you create wonderful landing pages that convert!