How to find the trusted movers in Singapore

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Get ahead and set your move date

Do not wait until the day of the move to start looking for a mover. Contact your house mover four to three months in advance. If scheduled in July, start meeting with movers in January or February. You will avoid stress and scatter when moving. Consider also that the price for a move and the movers fare is lower in spring than the first of July.

In your home, target everything that needs to be moved from the basement to the store. This will prevent you from worrying.

Do not forget that there are items that are delicate and need special treatment. Be sure they are well protected and let your mover know by tagging them.

Do not hesitate to contact several companies to compare offers. It’s always important.

Shop online for the movers quotes

On the internet, there are different directories of companies where you can directly compare several companies of movers. The majority offers a free submission service. To pay less for your move, take advantage of this service.

Communicate as soon as possible with two or three movers

This allows you to compare prices and know their availability. Also consider if they offer schedules to adapt to traffic. Do not hesitate to ask for an expertise at home. Whether on the internet, on the phone or in person, ask for a quote in writing to get an idea of the details and costs of the move.

Contact Removal companies

Know that if you do not know moving companies, you can go on the internet. Enter a search engine and click on trusted movers in Singapore. Once you have found a mover, you just need to verify the identity of your movers.

Meet your mover

When you meet with your mover, make sure that the company does exist and that it has not committed any offenses. Insist on proof of insurance and do not hesitate to contact the insurer about the type of insurance that the mover has. This will let you know if it will require more insurance or not.

  • To give you a taste of the consumer checklist, here are some points that are developed.
  • Have the moving companies you have selected provided you with documentation?
  • You may request a copy of the brochure dealing, among other things, with:
  • What each party has a right to expect from the other (consumers and movers);
  • The commitments of each of them;
  • The obligations of movers for lost or altered property;
  • The various accessible plans;

Are moving companies that interest you, insured?

If that is the case:

  • What is the name of their insurance company?
  • What is their policy number?
  • For what amount are your assets insured?
  • Know that you can increase the amount of protection for your property, but it will cost you more.

Before signing a contract with your mover

It is necessary to know the name of the representative with whom you are talking from the beginning. Remember that knowing the exact address of the moving company is also useful. You should also know what you have as boxes to move as well as their size and financial value. This will avoid unnecessary conflicts.

Check the condition of all your furniture in front of the mover and sign a landfill with him. Once the estimate is in hand, check your benefits and what the mover’s commitments are. Also look at whether it is suitable for your wallet.