Introduction to Dog Training

Education & Learning

It’s a fundamental concept, to train a dog when you own one. Simply put, the main purpose to train the dog is to install dog obedience and prove yourself as a pack leader. Moreover, the training is again a fun part with your dog. So you are going to enjoy yourself with your dog during the complete training session.

Did you ever have thought that when can dogs be trained? It is a known fact that puppies have a short attention span, therefore most of the training agencies take at least 3 to 6 months for formal training. One thing here to be noted is that the dogs can still learn new tricks, once they get matured. It becomes more challenging to send them for dog obedience training when they become a little mature and set in their habits and ways.

You could train your dogs at yourself and often send them to some training centers. Dog Training is a team of reliable dog trainers in Singapore. They understand the different lifestyles of their clients and the expectation levels. So, they work accordingly to satisfy them and help them to establish a positive relationship with their dog.

Dog Training centers are more important when you have owned a dog for the first time and also do not have any previous experience to own a dog.

Key factors for dog training-

Be it professional dog training or a personal one, three things are a must to keep in mind all the time.


While training your dog, you are training a behavior. You must reward the behavior consistently. You must positively reinforce it immediately when your dog show perfect and expected behavior as you want from them. So, if your dog has perfectly adopted the way you wanted, then you must reward your dog but if in case the behavior comes out to be negative, then don’t worry just pat him with a soft and calm gesture and keep trying with him.

Our dogs work so toughly, to impress and please us. Don’t forget to appreciate and reward them for that.


Keep a dog besides, we as a human being are opined to be the widest creature on earth. Without Patience, we even cannot learn anything be it our small mistake that we used to make in academics be it some extra circular training. In Dog Training you must keep in mind that it is an animal and can’t speak and understand our language, even though he tries a lot to get our commands. So, be patient and help the dog to get it right. It’s not the right gesture to show frustration and anger. The dog will pick up your bad behavior and that will only create stress. Taking the time and not rushing things is the only and foremost option throughout the process.

Note- The training sessions should always be brief and encouraging. It will be good if the session can be halted with a play.


Did you ever heard, that children and animals learn better by having fun? Yes, it’s true that while the child or a pet is in the immature stage or say in a learning stage they grab more rapidly with extra fun and enjoyment is added to their learning. The same happens in the case of dogs training, it’s a time to have fun and create a strong bond between you and the dog.