Iphone vs. Android; which is more convenient and why?

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A clear guide to differentiate between the iPhone and an android phone deciding between iPhone and Smartphone seems quite difficult. Features create confusion, usually both provide the amazing features and seem like each other if we ignore the brand.

Still brand remains brand and it holds a better position than the normal brand. Anyhow a closer look reveals some differences.

Based on these differences you can choose;

1. Hardware – use of hardware makes it quite clear how android phone differs from the iPhone. Apple is the authorized company that makes iPhones, both with the combination of hardware and software. On the other hand, Google provides software to companies like; Samsung, HTC, Lg, etc, that why these android phones are large, and weight.

High priced android phones possess good quality like the iPhone but cheap android phones have lots of issues.

So choosing between the companies and models can be a bit difficult. You have to choose the company as well as its model, being a picky always go for the quality.

2. Operating system compatibility – if you want to have the latest version of the mobile phone, then you would appreciate the iPhone. Other companies are quite slower updating their phones.

For example, iOS 11 support the 5s fully, which was released in 2013, shows its good support over the old versions. On the other hand, the only 0.2%of devices running android 8 versions just after the 8 weeks of its release.

3. Application support – Apple store only, provide fewer applications, while Google play store has more than applications. When it comes to the applications, apple seems strict, but the Google play store has no limits.

The reason behind this strictness is, security, APPLE doesn’t allow downloading any fake application. Whereby the iPhone battery replacement Singapore is convenient.


4. Good unifies experience – most of the android user use, laptops, tablets or computers. With the addition ,of the Smartphone. Here apple provides you the better experience with advanced features in it that are not provided by the android phones.

You can see most of the Google services apply to most of the phone, but not your watch, tablet or computer from the same company, and more important guaranteed iPhone repair services.

5. Better support – when it comes to iPhone repair services, you can easily visit a store near to you, and discuss the issues with your phone. You will get proper attention and help. But in the case of android phones, you have to visit the company from where you purchased your phone, the manufactures, but there is no guarantee that they are well trained or not.

6. Powerful assistance – here comes the time for Android, where it beats the iPhone that is its artificial intelligence. Google’s assistance uses all information about you and makes the world easier for you. But here Siri iPhones Artifical intelligence cannot beat the Google assistance.

Hence Android wins.


This was the brief guide about the difference between android phones and iPhones. iPhone has lots of plus points to win over the android,

Like its security features, or iPhone repair services within convenient iPhone repair price.