LCCI Course Singapore- A complete guide on the subject

Education & Learning

Pearson LCCI qualifications are work related studies that have been created to provide the professional learners with essential knowledge and skills required to thrive in workplace. Offering the learners with a broad range of subject including marketing, finance, English language and customer services as well Business Administration and IT. LCCI qualifications equip learners with work ready skills to prosper in their careers.

Types of Qualification in LCCI

LCCI Courses qualifications are highly suitable for wide range of learners aged 14 and above and they are available as subjects, diplomas or group certificates.

LCCI Level 1:

LCCI Level 1 qualification helps to improve the basic knowledge and skills of the learner in a particular business and subject related to the job area. It helps you to use your learning to complete your tasks with guidance and direction. In case, you wish to join Level 2 then Level 1 knowledge will help you.

LCCI Level 2:

LCCI Level 2 acknowledges solid and good understanding of the subject or any other business related job area. The course helps you to use your learning in order to complete the set tasks and solve the straightforward problems with the knowledge attaint through guidance and supervision. Level 2 educations is recommended as well as necessary for minimum entry requirements for jobs.

LCCI Level 3:

LCCI Level 3 develops your ability to learn and apply a wide range of knowledge, skills and understanding at a detailed level. It renders knowledge on how to use your learning in a wide range of tasks and situations while developing the supervisory skills of the students. If your job requires you to work independently and supervise other’s work then this level is suitable for you.

Level 3 is also suitable for you if you’re planning to go to university or progress to professional education.

LCCI Level 4

Level 4 educations help the learners to become a specialist in the area of their learning. It involved the analysis of high level of information and knowledge. Learning this level is apt if you are into professional job that requires developing others.

LCCI Diplomas Levels

LCCI Diplomas are a well recognized and effect way to combine the subjects to relevant fields to create the comprehensive demonstrational abilities, skills and knowledge.

There are three types of LCCI Diploma:


These qualifications are suitable for those students who have a general interest in business related activities and want to enhance their understanding, skills and knowledge across a range of related subjects. These diplomas are available for Level 1 to Level 3 and can be completed within 24 months.

Group Diplomas

These qualifications are suitable for those who have keen interest in particular business function such as accounting, marketing and seek to development of knowledge and skills in desired area without learning specialization. It is available at Level 3 and can be completed within 3 months.

Specialized diplomas

The specialized diplomas are suitable for those who are having a clear idea of aspirations, professionalism and want to specialize within certain business function. It is available at Level 3 and can be completed within 6 months.