New Trades in Phones 


Nothing can move as fast as technology: the high-tech news of today is an old one for tomorrow. This is why most of us end up with our drawers full of outdated or unwanted electronic devices. Now it’s time to stop saving your old devices and cash them.

The Mobile for Sale is a simple and fast way to trade for all your old phones or the phones you are no longer interested in using. First, you need to check the estimated value of your phone and then bring the phone to the. You can just reach the official website of Mobile for Sale or contact them for the trade-in process. As, from there you will get the idea of those 3 locations, that are offered by them for all the buyback and trade-in phone process. Upon quotation and confirmation, you can easily receive your cash on the spot.

Here are five tips to ensure you a safe and smooth process completion.

  1. Get an estimate

Whenever you want your old device to be covered in cash, you first have to check its overall value. For that, you can use any value estimator app. Get your phone, hit select, and then select the condition of your phone.

  1. Back it up

You need to create a backup of your data when you finally decide to remove that phone from your house. On a phone, all your pictures, contacts, documents are usually stored. Well, it might automatically be backing up to an online software like I cloud or a Google account. If not, then you can also create a backup using the different tools provided by your manufacturer.

  1. Find the original accessories

Do you have the charger, headphones, and the same box in which your phone came in? Having all of these items with you can increase the amount of your total money. And if you are thinking of selling an iPhone, then it’s very important to increase the iPhone resale price.

  1. Reset your passwords

Though, the buyer will not have to do anything with your data. For extra protection purposes, you are supposed to erase all the accounts saved on your phone and remove all those passwords that you have kept saved for you. The reset system of the factory will also do this before selling it but it’s recommended to take extra precautions to save your data.

  1. Hit the reset button

On performing a factory reset, all the data of your phone will be wiped off and will be reset back to default. Depending upon your phone, here’s a guide for you to perform a reset.

iPhone- if you have a device with iOS, then to perform its reset you need to go to setting, then select general and then reset. Then you are required to erase all the content and settings.

Android – before you reset your phone, it’s a good idea to encrypt your data in case you haven’t done it already. To do this, go to settings, choose security then select Encrypt phone. Once this process is completed, again go back to the settings and select backup and reset and then Factory data reset.

Windows phone – find the app list and select settings. After that select about and then reset your phone. Then you will have to select ‘yes’ in the answer to the warning about data loss. Just make sure that your data backup has been completed before you take this final step.