Top 5 Best Truck to buy

Industrial Services & Equipment

Though they have long been used in the commercial industry, trucks have been an essential part of trading sector. They provide the benefits of a large car with the capacity to carry off material. Trucks are a great help to transfer good items, pick up material, and other services. What is more important here is that the pickup trucks these days are much like a car like inside than they have ever before.

Truck manufacturers too are starting to fit in sophisticated, less agricultural suspension systems that often mean that some modern trucks are way better than the other ones. Just like a car, some of these trucks fit in the off road abilities as well as convenience whereas some of them are blessed with vast carrying capacity, pick up ease and better mileage. Without any compromises, let us have a look at some of the ultimate trucks Singapore that you should buy this year:

Mitsubishi L200 pickup

With more than 30 years of fettling and fine tuning, the Mitsubishi L200 is getting better than ever before. Beyond the traditional rough and ready abilities, the trucks these days need to look good as well. The Mitsubishi L200 pickup delivers superb performance with rugged toughness and neat detailing.

Nissan Navara

Nissan has long been building rugged pickup trucks for year but the latest one, Navara is one of the most road biased yet comfortable range of truck you will come across. The trucks comes with stylish rear suspensions that make it feel really comfortable on road with one of the most superior drive pickups you can have. However, the aesthetical abilities do not limit the off road abilities of the truck.

Toyota Hilux

An icon of dependability, reliability and toughness, the Toyota Hilux holds an impressive reputation of going on, no matter what ever is the situation. In order to succeed in the international market, the company has managed to produce a truck that feels like a family car and acts like a touch pickup unit.

It is quite comfortable and refined unit when compared to the rivals, whereas the interiors feel quite well when put in together. There is plenty of space as long as you are using the double cab version.

Ford Ranger

It is the latest and most worthy considerations amongst all. The stylish, rugged, tough and rough model for trucks, the interiors feels like well put together. The truck comes pretty equipped too. If you wish to make regular transfers then Ranger should definitely be on your list. It also has 5 star NCAP safety ratings.

DAF Trucks

DAF is indeed one of the plushest pickup trucks on sale in the market. With superb quality interior fit and finish, you definitely can expect a lot from this truck. There are 3 series available. 1) DAF LF Series: