Types of Moving Boxes Used For Packing Goods

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In many occasions we have to consider which type of box is the one that best fits our needs, because there are different types of carton boxes in the market: boxes of lapels up and down, boxes with lid, boxes self-assembled, etc.

The must-have: 2, 4, and 5 cubic foot boxes Perfect

For small, heavy objects, the 2-cubic foot box is the most commonly used. It is easily transported, even for children. The 4 cubic foot box is particularly suitable for kitchen items or books, then the 5 cubic box can be used for blankets, towels, games, ie less heavy but bulky items. Arrange about thirty small boxes a 5 ½ apartment, fifty for a small house or about 75 for a large house. Better to have too much than not enough. Anyway, it’s not perishable and it does not take up much storage space!


The die box

It usually has a dimension of 16 x 12 x 10 inches (length x width x height). Pack all of your important documents, books, notebooks and even your collectibles. Easier to grasp and more convenient to open than standard boxes. It is not necessary to use adhesive tape. On this subject, a good 66 meter roll typically worth more than $ 2.49. Do not risk yourself with a so-called $ 1 ribbon, the collateral damage will cost you a lot more!

The flat box

Do you have a mirror, a frame, a television (19 to 63 inches) or another fragile flat object to carry? Have a quiet conscience by inserting it in a box adapted to its size. It can definitely be worth keeping the original box in which your TV came when purchasing. Unless you have limited space to store it. Some movers lend TV boxes, mattress bags and wardrobe boxes during the removals. Where to buy Carton Boxes? Opt for online professional store for all variants.

The wardrobe

Use this box to keep your clothes on hangers flat. It can also be used for carpets, small Christmas trees and other accessories. This is perfect for long distance moves. The metal bar is normally included, but make sure you go ahead and buy this kind of box. Very practical, this box is nevertheless more expensive. Dimensions: 24 x 21 x 45 inches.

Mattress bag

But there are not only the famous boxes of cardboard! Keep your mattresses clean during the move or storage while protecting them from dirt, dust and water damage with mattress bags. We recommend you avoid bags that are less than 2.5 millimeters thick because they tear very easily. Whether your mattress is small, wide, “queen” or “king”, you will find your account at the dimensions.

Bubble wrap, wrapping paper and stretch film

Protect your objects from impacts, friction and scratches with bubble wrap. Bubbles absorb shock better than simple wrapping paper. However, brown paper is more economical, preventing dust accumulation. The stretch film is ideal for securing your items against each other to prevent them from moving. Buy Shrink Wrap in Singapore to save your materials from damage during relocations.