Why Requires Aircon Servicing Time-To-Time?

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It is the most frequent asked question among the people who are quite conscious about their AC. When you should call AC service provider, it depends on the make and type of AC. It requires asking the experienced aircon service provider since they hold enough knowledge to guide you in an accurate way.

Generally, if you do not find any problem with your AC even then you should call service provider at least once in a year. It ensures that if all components are working smoothly or not. Moreover, you should call the service provider to change the filter at least once in a month.

Air Conditioner is something that helps to make summer beautiful. It makes us feel comfortable and healthy. It is very tough to work in the suffocating environment. It does not only affect your health but also brings your work capacity down. Since this new age machine takes care of your health, you also need to take care of it.

AC Service Is Required Time-To-Time

If you want your favorite machine should go longer, then you need to pay extra attention to it. You need to call aircon service provider time-to-time to keep it going on longer. The timely AC service requires for multiple reasons

  • It keeps staying away from dust accumulation. It removes dust from its important components.
  • Regular service allows serving the best cooling.
  • It also keeps its fan, compressor, and evaporator coil etc., work smoothly.
  • Service is also required not let the dust in the in-house environment.

How Many Types Of Services

Being a reputed Air conditioner service provider, we dedicate to serve the best service. At this platform, we never compromise the quality at any rate. We serve you the prominent five types of service mentioned below.

  • Normal Service – This service revolves around the Cleaning & Checking air filter, cover, fan bearing, lubrication, compressor suction, indoor drainage tray, evaporator coil, front panel and so on. It also includes vacuuming of the drainage system and purifying filter.
  • Chemical Wash – This type of service includes a wide array of different things like checking compressor suction, fan bearing, drainage system, indoor drainage tray, antibacterial spray, purifying filter, front panel, Aircon gas top up and so onaircon-chemical-wash
  • Chemical Overhaul – It belongs to blower wheel, drains pans, cleans fan evaporator coil, checking thermostats and detect if any part is making noise or not. Many other things come under this service type.
  • Gas Topping– As the name indicates that this service is all about fixing if there are any sorts of leakage happening.when-do-you-need-to-topup-your-aircon-gas
  • Troubleshooting- If you need any sorts of guidance regarding your AC then you may feel free to contact us.

We always available to serve you the best since your satisfaction matters us the most. It makes feel proud when we get showered with the lovely compliments from our customers. Since we are committed to cater you the best service, our customers love to rely on us.